Viralbuzz 6x Genuine Zippo Premium Lighter Fluid Petrol 125ML UK ONLY:Viralbuzz
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6x Genuine Zippo Premium Lighter Fluid Petrol 125ML UK ONLY:Viralbuzz

Zippo Published in September 25, 2018, 12:04 pm
 6x Genuine Zippo Premium Lighter Fluid Petrol 125ML UK ONLY:Viralbuzz

6x Genuine Zippo Premium Lighter Fluid Petrol 125ML UK ONLY:Viralbuzz

Price:£9.99+ Free shipping

M.Badger Reply to on 26 October 2011
Debate rages as to whether or not Zippo fuel is superior to Ronsonol et al. With Ronsonol, my Zippo handwarmer is a pig to light and goes out. This doesn't happen with Zippo fuel. With Zippo fuel, it lights easily and never goes out until it runs out of fuel.
With other fuels, I find my lighters have a sooty flame. With Zippo fuel, no soot.
Not exactly compelling scientific testing, but sufficient to satisfy my curiosity.
Snoo Reply to on 20 September 2017
I use these as fuel for my peacock and zippo hand warmers.

They are a great deal at about ~£1 for a 125ml tin. Tesco sells 100ml tins of Swan lighter fluid for over £3. So it is a vast savings.
Ella James
Ella James Reply to on 27 July 2018
I am always unsure what I will get when buying Zippo fuel as it is often definitely not Zippo. This fuel IS very good. Not being a chemist, all I have to go by is the smell of the fuel, whether it leaves a bad taste in my mouth and does it burn well with no signs of smoke from wick and a good steady flame. This fuel is good on all counts so I am happy with it.
TB_family Reply to on 21 November 2011
I use this in 2 zippo handwarmers, so in a frosty season I can get through a few cans. The fluid is recommended as the fuel of choice, but I certainly haven't been able to tell the difference between manufacturers of different fluids. That being said, this is good quality fuel, it does what it is supposed to do and bulk discount makes this the fuel of choice for me.

I couldn't find any fault in it
rtrich-SE16 Reply to on 19 August 2016
Genuine Zippo fuel is the best to use and I have been using it for several years. I have tried other brands but none seems to light as easily, though the only reason I don't give this 5 stars is the fiddly top design and getting the last few squirts from the can seems to take an age. A better design would be a great improvement. I paid £9.06 for 6 cans which is incredible value for money and I would highly recommend this product.
Vincent N.
Vincent N. Reply to on 12 February 2012
I cannot believe I am saying this after all I am using a rival product - Peacock Handwarmers with Zippo lighter fluid :-).
Previously I used only Swan lighter fluid after other fluids let me down until I bought bulk and found myself with a bad batch prompting me to look here.

I am happy to give Zippo's Premuim Lighter Fluid my thumbs up and I am getting more. Just a shame they went down in price when making my next order. Oh well, that's seasons for you and winter is now coming to an end. March is spring time.

If this can work with a Peackcock handwarmer then it will work with any petrol based handwarmer available.
Christine Taylor
Christine Taylor Reply to on 11 December 2017
Very good value package of 6 lighter fuel, especially for the hand warmer which is in constant use at this time of year. Would purchase again.
Mr. A. Glancy
Mr. A. Glancy Reply to on 8 November 2017
Handy always run out and most shops only sell rubbish petrol if any at all so great to have enough for a long time and will buy again once needed
tubthumper Reply to on 23 December 2014
I bought this purely because it was cheaper than buying whatever brand was in the local shop but actually when it arrived I discovered that it smells FAR less than other brands I've had (especially Clipper branded fluid). This is particularly important when you're using something that will be running all day like the Zippo hand warmer.

I now have enough lighter fluid to last me a good while but I'll definitely be reordering when I need more!
Cat Reply to on 30 June 2018
My zippo seems to flicker when I use Swan or other lighter fluids, but I've always found Zippo lighter fluid to give the steadiest flame and be quite economical. Great product.
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