Viralbuzz Customer reviews Dog Raincoat with Hood & Collar Hole & Safe Reflective Strips,Ultra-Light Breathable 100% Waterproof Rain Jacket by Zellar for Medium Large breed Dog:Viralbuzz
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Customer reviews Dog Raincoat with Hood & Collar Hole & Safe Reflective Strips,Ultra-Light Breathable 100% Waterproof Rain Jacket by Zellar for Medium Large breed Dog:Viralbuzz

Zellar Published in October 18, 2018, 12:55 pm
Customer reviews Dog Raincoat with Hood & Collar Hole & Safe Reflective Strips,Ultra-Light Breathable 100% Waterproof Rain Jacket by Zellar for Medium Large breed Dog:Viralbuzz

Customer reviews Dog Raincoat with Hood & Collar Hole & Safe Reflective Strips,Ultra-Light Breathable 100% Waterproof Rain Jacket by Zellar for Medium Large breed Dog:Viralbuzz

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D. R. F. Sapte
D. R. F. Sapte Reply to on 14 August 2017
The other day it was pouring with rain - but it was evening and our dog - a 9 year old black Labrador - had to go out for the last time. He hadn't been out all day. So a short walk was required and when we got back he was soaked right through. His coat is soft but thick - so when it gets wet he stays wet for a long time. It took some towelling off to make him comfortable for the night without freezing to death. We saw this Dog Raincoat - ordered the largest even though he is short legged - and it fits perfectly. Now he can walk in the rain with a certain amount of impunity. He doesn't mind wearing it either. A perfect solution for the perfect dog!!!! Why didn't we think of this before?
Edward Reply to on 15 June 2017
The best lightweight raincoat we have purchased and we have gone through a few! this one has a light weight lining so in warm weather i am keeping our pet dry and not roasting her .
A good fit from coller to hind quarter .
It is easy to keep clean and easy to get dry..👍.
The breast velcro fastener kept undoing so i have sewn a loop and button on to it and that works a treat. after many walks in the rain i have needed to reproof it in the same way as my own coat and hat..
April 2018 just bought on second one same size and colour i think there have been design improvements 👏👏.so far the coat is doing the job we have been out in some persistant rain & and i dont have a soggy dog i will review again in a few weeks time..
Harassed Dad
Harassed Dad Reply to on 23 March 2018
Slightly mixed feelings on this but overall positive. It's a smart coat that's easy to fit. The largest size is slightly too big for my female German Sheperd. For a male of that species I reckon it would fit perfectly. The Velcro straps held the coat shut even when she was off lead and rolling on the grass. However, when just walking, the slightly too big fit meant that the coat has a tendency to slip on her body meaning having to repeatedly straighten it up. It has proved waterproof even through the Beast From The East weather. Biggest benefit is that it kept our own beast's undercarriage dry on walks. Can't honestly see the point in the hood. Putting it up makes the animal twitchy and it soon blows back off anyway. I ended up tucking the hood behind the main coat but it often comes back out and flaps about. No issues at all with the coat getting in the way of the collar or lead.
RachelGeorge Reply to on 18 January 2018
Good quality waterproof fabric, with breathable lining. The pocket at the back is useful for carrying doggy bags in, which turned out extremely helpful when I've left the house and forgotten to take them with me. Having them always in the pocket has saved me a few times already.
This coat fit my German Shepard cross, she's a medium bordering on large dog, and this fits her with ample room for a bigger dog. She loves it, and didn't seem to notice it was even on so I expect it's perfectly comfortable.

The coat was very easy to put on, just slip the head through the neck hole then press the velcro together under the belly, no fussing around with complicated straps that ultimately lead the dog to become stressed or frustrated. The coat didn't slip or move around even with her actively running around in it, I'm confident it wouldn't come off while being worn.

Has been worn in a sudden snow fall and she was completely dry under the coat, even the little hood didn't seem to bother my dog.

It looks adorable too!
the666devil Reply to on 22 January 2018
Overall it's a pretty good quality coat and well designed to work and fit.
The material seems to be shower proof but haven't had it rain on a walk yet so not sure but feel it will do the job.
As you can see in the photo's the size 5xl is perfect for a good sized Shar pei and he actually likes it which is a bit of a surprise for me because he can get very mardy but seems to like the feel. There is a white netting type material on the inside that I suppose is a bit of insulation and helps keep in place.
The pocket on the back is handy for treats and poo bags and the velcro flap keeps the contents in place.
On the hood i think it could be a little smaller as it seems to want to fall down the head covering his eyes but my Messi isn't bothered and still keeps walking straight.
Right on the neck section there is a little hole for a lead to fit through which means it's suited to collars not a harness unless it has a clip right upfront.
The velcro on the underside is big enough and strong enough to keep the coat on and in place and must say it does stay put when out on a walk.
Reflective strips on on the hood and one on the back is a good idea for the dark nights and can see him easily when he's running off into the woods.
ribhub Reply to on 13 October 2017
I bought this test on one of my 2 collies. It is made of a flexible pvc type outer material which is water resistant in that it does get wet but the mesh lining underneath prevents the wetness from getting through to the pet. The flexible mesh liner also allows breathability and evaporation of any moisture. it feels smooth and does not catch on the dog's fur.
The Velcro feels quite solid when attached and does not come off when on a walk.
I liked the little slit at the nape of the neck which allows the harness to be attached without removing the rain jacket.
It is light and easily foldable for storage in a doggy bag which I always carry with me. the jacket has been tested on 2 dag walks over 2 Km each including running and ball play. As it did not rain I tested the material with some water.
I have bought and used a number of doggy jackets over the last 10 years, and this one is going to become one of my my favourites.
Might get a second one for the other dog.
A Reply to on 22 September 2017
Excellent durable rain coat. The coat is not too thick and has a mesh inner layer to help reduce overheating under the waterproof outer layer. It fits my collie cross well. the Velcro straps hold the coat on easily and are well placed.
I would have given 5 stars but the hood part does not stay up and could be improved on. But as i also think a hood is not needed so this would not stop me buying it again as it does look cute. Reflective strips are useful especially as the days get shorter. And looking at my dog in it she seams pleased with it too!!
MAGBETH Reply to on 19 May 2017
My aged GSD hates the rain & wasn't too keen on her waxed jacket! Loves this coat. Much lighter weight, covers more of her & even has a hood if the rain is torrential. Has a small hole for the lead attachment. Glad I bought this, especially as we're off to Wales Soon! Very good value for money
GB Reply to on 15 December 2017
I've never bothered with a coat for any of my previous dogs, but our latest labrador doesn't seem to get the concept of coming indoors when it starts to pour down or the temperature drops, preferring to run around the garden. When we saw this coat for not a lot of money, I thought it was worth a go and if no good, not a lot lost. First impressions when it arrived where good, well made and nice little features such as the reflective strip. My dog's first impressions weren't as good. The fit was fine but, not being used to a coat, she didn't seem pleased. We persevered though and she quickly became use to it. It certainly keeps her drier and no doubt warmer and it has stood up to all of her running around. Only time will tell how long it lasts but so far so good.
W F Heyes
W F Heyes Reply to on 23 April 2018
The costs are of good quality and well made.
I ordered 3XL but got 5XL?
Anyway, reordered quickly the smaller size having had an apology.
Now, I bought 3XL for my border terriers.
They don't fit perfectly around their girth, much too loose so I've decided to modify them myself with extra velcro for a closer fit.
The thing is because they are loose they will be likely to wee on the area next to you know what.
Hoping the Velcro will help.
Other than this a bit long on one dog but only overhangs his tail. Not a big problem.
Around their necks is a perfect fit.
Nice coats though, haven't seen any as nice anywhere else.
Only 4* for mix up with size .
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