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Lunar Box
Lunar Box Published in September 25, 2018, 12:03 pm


Price:£7.99+ Free shipping with Myplay Prime

J. Clinch
J. Clinch Reply to on 28 September 2013
I'm a adult Lego builder with over 250,000 Lego pieces. Such a collection needs some serious organisation if you want to spend your time building and not searching for pieces.
These boxes have 3 fixed dividers running the across the width of the box (across ways in the image). These split the box up into 50mm wide strips (just about 6 studs in Lego). The dividers can then slot in securely at 25mm intervals (apart from one slot missing at each catch). This means the smallest compartment size is 25mm x 50mm (just right for a sausage finger to get in) and the largest can be a whole row which is 345mm x 50mm. (depth is about 45mm)

Things I like about these boxes:
- They are transparent, so I can see what's in there without opening them up.
- I can tip the tray upside down and shake it. Everything stays in its allocated space and the lid doesn't burst open.
- The adjustable divers allow you to customise the space for the different types and quantities of parts, allowing a far more efficient use of space.
- The corners of the compartments are curved so you can scoop those last few parts out easily.
- The dividers slot in snugly using bevelled edges to stay in place and don't slip out when you don't want them to.
- The hinges aren't flaps of plastic that will eventually break through wear, they are proper plastic hinges that I would expect to last longer.
- The case is sufficiently rigid and robust and multiple units can be stacked up.
Stu Reply to on 31 December 2012
I was very impressed with my 2 cases and will be ordering more in the future.

The construction quality is far better than I'd expected. The lid hinges are mechanical and not just flimsy, folded plastic like you might see on similar cases.

The cases stack nicely on top of one another and can also be hung on pegs if required.

The locking clasps close firmly and feel like they'll last a long time.

Only the number of columns in each row can be altered. The row dividers themselves are fixed in place. Certainly not a complaint, as this adds rigidity to the case as a whole, while still allowing a great deal of flexibility in terms of what can be stored.

I gave one of mine as a present alongside a metal Meccano kit. The A4 instruction book fits nicely inside the case along with all the various nuts, bolts, plates & tools. With the addition of the case, it's probably the nicest, most professional looking Meccano kit in the whole world!

I would be quite confident using these in an industrial capacity and indeed, can't wait to outfit my workshop with them.
Excellent value! Buy it!
japhid Reply to on 22 February 2013
Bought these to use as jewellery boxes for my wife’s extensive collection of earrings, after getting fed up with the amount of time I spend trying to find “missing” ones. Why are women so obsessed with the damn things anyway? Nobody ever notices them unless they fall off and they have to spend even more time looking for the blighters on their hands and knees. I thought that if I bought two of these storage boxes, with 48 compartments it’d be plenty with room to spare. Not even close. I reckon she must have about 300 pairs. I’ve had to order another two boxes (the same) to try to take up the slack. Still. They’re excellent boxes.

I hope my wife never sees this review else I’m in for it. Then again, if she does look on Amazon, she’ll be looking at earrings, so I’m safe!
D. Dove
D. Dove Reply to on 19 November 2010
I'm a tech guy who needed a box for my numerous AV adapters, and this was absolutely perfect.

It's a very high quality product, made from a good material and with adjustable dividers to allow you to store short patch cables along with your adapters.

It's a great size, and will store a lot (though some may find it too big).

A 'standard' sized compartment is large enough for a few TRS adapter jacks lying on their side, or maybe two phono-SCART adapters, or you can create compartments half that size for small VGA extension adapters - it's totally up to you. Strong, secure and professional.

This was delivered to me within a couple of days via standard delivery, one day early, packaged in a large, padded envelope.

I would absolutely recommend this product.
ZB Reply to on 16 November 2013
I absolutely love these (have two and am getting a third), to the point where I don't know how I managed without them previously. Mine are used for gemstones / beads / jewellery findings and I can see everything I need quickly and easily.
The dividers are excellent too, and I found I could get any size of compartment needed. The dividers go all the way to the top and the bottom, so nothing spills over into another compartment. As you can see through the lid, it's really easy to find what's in each box.
My one tip would be to use a tea spoon when getting a lot of something like tiny beads out of one of the small, sub-divided compartment - they become quite narrow: deep, and it takes a while to pick out lots of little fiddly things by hand!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 20 January 2016
The case is sturdy enough for the price and having slightly curved base sections makes it easy to retrieve smaller items popped inside. It closes tight and snaps in place so that nothing displaces when rocked around. I use this for board game storage for games where there are lots of counters and cards, it helps to take much less space on the table. Standard playing cards fit quite nicely standing upright when the box is open, but not quite wide enough sections to have laying flat when closed - but a good number fit at angle to store. As a multi purpose storage box where you can move sections around to increase or decrease compartments, I can't fault it.
cazza2512 Reply to on 22 April 2018
I love, love this box! It's a really good size, with lots of deep compartments which are adjustable. Strongly made too. One thing, the opening clips on the front of the box are very stiff in opening and closing, but with use I'm sure they'll be fine.
Shelley W
Shelley W Reply to on 25 April 2016
I have purchased two of these now, as they are perfect for my needs! I use them to sort and store Kam Snaps, which are small plastic stud fasteners. The boxes have a good secure fastening, and there is only a very minimal gap between the dividers and the lid, so items don't transfer between trays when the box is moved around. The boxes are flat, so they stack well, and are pleasing enough to look at on a shelf or desk.
D. Buck
D. Buck Reply to on 4 October 2012
Bought two of these to store Cub Scout badges in as well as the dividers to expand them to 46 compartments. The activity badges fit in perfectly and I can squeeze 18 in to each of the compartments (compartments arranged to smallest sizes)

The product arrived with some minor marks on the edges, as stated in the description, but nothing to be concerned about, I didn't even notice them when I first used the boxes. The dividers slot in securley and out of the two storage boxes I bought only 2 of the dividers are loose, though short of holding it upside down and shaking it they stay put.
Mrs P
Mrs P Reply to on 15 July 2014
Bought this to store loom bands (does anyone not have those?!) and it fits loads quite nicely. If I had ordered fewer bands, I could have fitted the loom quite snugly too. The adjustable spacings are great. Not at all flimsy like some others. It was deeper than I was expecting but that was because I had already bought a smaller box. Being deep, it can be a problem if you have the compartment on the smallest setting as the space is quite narrow for bigger fingers.

I'm very happy with this product and it seems like it will go the distance.
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