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OneRepublic Published in September 25, 2018, 12:03 pm



lindye Reply to on 18 February 2014
Yet another brilliant album from one republic not a bad track on the whole album played in the car constantly
Mr Tee
Mr Tee Reply to on 13 March 2014
I came across this band as a result of the "Simon the Ogre" adverts on TV for Thompson Holidays, I liked the advert so much that I began to wonder why I found this ad so appealing, I watched it a few times on You Tube and realised that some of what attracted me to it was the music, I researched the music and found that it was played by a group called the Piano Guys, I looked them up and realised that I had heard them before but playing another song, I then found that they had on their web site a version of this music with words sung by a female singer, I eventually found out that the song was written by One Republic, who I had not come across before, but have since found out that they have written other songs that I like such as Apologise by Timberland and Halo by Beyonce, I bought the album and I love it One Republic is truly a great band, and will become a major force in the music business get the Album don't even think about it you will love it.
Keith Reply to on 7 January 2015
Superb album with every track a winner. If you want just one One Republic album - then get this ! It has been played almost continuously since I bought it. The Gold edition has extra different version tracks etc. and sometimes that can mean mediocre fillers but this album is very listenable with the extras being excellent additions/reworks rather than boring repetition.
H. Hogh
H. Hogh Reply to on 21 May 2013
I've listened to the album several times, and I've found I've enjoyed it. I'm not a great fan of One Republic, nor familiar with their previous albums, but I liked their previous hit 'Apologize' so I thought I'd give it a go. Whilst perhaps not quite hitting the emotional intensity of 'Apologize', the album was of consistent high quality, each track good on its own. I particularly liked 'If I loose myself' and 'Preacher'. I find with most albums I purchase I end of liking 2 or 3 tracks, the rest not particularly noteworthy. This album was the opposite, I liked almost all of the tracks and have listened to it many times, which in my view makes it a rarity worth buying.
Kari Reply to on 14 May 2014
Really great album, have liked OneRepublic since the beginning and this album doesn't disappoint. Terrific songs, not one bad song on this album, well not in my opinion! Have one thing to say though, I have it on autorip on my phone and have 18 tracks! a couple as acoustic versions as well as "Life in colour" (song 14) is not on the CD? Anyone else seen this? Still very pleased overall
Jellyman Reply to on 29 March 2013
Seems like ages since their last album came out. Couldn't wait for this to appear and it doesn't disappoint. I love every song and the addition of the acoustic tracks is great. Loving the following songs though: Burning Bridges, If I Lose Myself, Preacher in fact I love them all cant choose a favourite. Its rare for me to find an album where I like every track.

Listened to the whole album twice in a row and sat here now with it playing.

Highly recommended if your a One Republic fan.
Nathan Reply to on 14 February 2018
I've been listening to different rock band's of late.And I can't think of anyone else better than onerepublic fabulous.
Julian Easterbrook
Julian Easterbrook Reply to on 1 January 2015
The opening track Counting Stars is a stand-out. If the band could replicate that formula they would be huge. Whilst the other songs are good, they lack the cutting edge of Counting Stars - but the album is still worth adding to your collection
Michael R.
Michael R. Reply to on 14 October 2017
Great album, only bought it for Counting Stars, but lots off good tracks, bought another album to try
Jessica Reply to on 11 February 2014
I have just received this album and it has made me happy! Every song is a potential hit, the lead singer has a beautiful voice and it just reminds me of good times with friends, freedom, driving on a summer's day and loving life. It's the perfect antedote to rubbish winter weather, a wonderful album and some great lyrics.
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