Viralbuzz Customer reviews KONG Classic Dog Toy, X-Large:Viralbuzz
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Customer reviews KONG Classic Dog Toy, X-Large:Viralbuzz

KONG Published in October 17, 2018, 9:46 pm
Customer reviews KONG Classic Dog Toy, X-Large:Viralbuzz

Customer reviews KONG Classic Dog Toy, X-Large:Viralbuzz

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J Ward
J Ward Reply to on 27 November 2016
What can I say? My dog LOVES a Kong. I'm not sure that anything gets him as excited as when I open my freezer at the end of the day and he knows he will soon settle down for a long, blissful, eyes-closed, licking session on his "dessert Kong". I'm certainly not the first nor the last to rave about this product, but I'll offer a few words of advice. Frozen ones last much longer, buying a few and bulk-preparing makes it easy to have one always ready to go, and be sure to line his or her bed (or your sofa) with a towel because they are drool inducing (especially for a Labrador) and surfaces may become a bit...damp. However, for the amount of joy a Kong brings, that's a price I'm totally willing to pay. A dot of cream cheese plugged in the small hole seems to keep even liquidy fillings secure enough until frozen. I've found mashed banana is a good standard base, and with the help of my Nutribullet I've experimented with a variety of creative and healthy fillings. He greets all with equal enthusiasm, but the finishing touch that makes my pup's eyes grow extra wide is a gravy bone or biscuit poking out of the big hole. Regular or puppy variety, both seem indestructible and even when he was very young, Large seemed a good standard size for a greedy Labrador tongue.
Kristin Reply to on 19 January 2016
A classic for a reason. I have recently retired on health grounds, so my dogs dont always get a midday walk when its only me around. These are great for giving them something to play with/chew/chase etc round the garden or lounge. The original is great for our Field Spaniel, and the senior is great for our 14 year old mongrel. I fill them with either ham off cuts, or a mix of the very thin ham with pate. I did try peanut butter but they didnt seem too keen and it was a nightmare to get back out once dried! Believe me, no oate or ham gets left!! I know some people with much faster eaters than ours who use them to put the kibble in to slow eating down.

Found out recently they are called kongs after a comment that the prototype looked like one of king kongs ear plugs 😆

Pic shows an adult Field Spaniel (same size head as Setters) with a large size Kong. They should be able to just about get their jaws round the large end to squish out the compacted stuffing for optimum enjoyment, and a peaceful home! 😊
Iain Morgan
Iain Morgan Reply to on 20 October 2016
LOVE Kongs. Only thing that survives our pooches. But I have to say the last couple we've ordered have cracked/split very quickly so a bit concerned about buying more if this is how it's going to go...
C. Robson
C. Robson Reply to on 11 April 2018
Hilariously, I bought this for my friends dog for when he comes to stay with me. She popped round with the dog on the day that this arrived - Even though it is a different colour to the one he has at home and didn't have any of the treats in it, he still went crazy for it the moment he spotted it. I don't know what it is about this product that makes dogs so happy, but they do, so I have no option but to give it 5* (even if it does look like a sex toy).
Lewi Reply to on 8 September 2017
These are a simply fantastic way of feeding a dog. I have a 11-week old doberman pup, and I've started feeding him from 3 of these for most of his meals. It means he has to work a bit more for the food and he simply loves the challenge! Additionally, the need for a slow-eat bowl is reduced. He usually eats his meals in about 2 mins (even with the slow eat bowl). Simply by putting his meal into a number of these, we slow him right down and he takes around 5-7 minutes to eat. This improves his digestion and stops hiccups! Awesome!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 21 February 2017
I gave this five stars but if my dogs could speak they would be giving it a big paws up. In fact two paws up they are amazing and keep them amused ever evening.

If you have never used a Kong here's a tip buy some cheap peanut butter smear a small amount inside the kong put a few treats inside (ideally tight fitting) the smellier treats the better and seal with a small dab of peanut butter. Put in front of your dog and watch the delight on their little faces.

They absolutely love these toys and the game of getting out the treats can go on for ages. If you are concerned about your dogs weight just use a little dry food from their bowls.

It seems a lot of money for a bit of rubber but trust me your dog will love you for it ours sit their waiting for our evening coffee time and KONG time.
SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob SquarePants Reply to on 9 July 2017
I got my dog the Kong ball (Medium/Large) and he still has that few scratches here and there but its going strong, I bought this on friday its now sunday, My dog has chewed the small end completely off within 30 mins but the other 2 balls are ok, Aslong as he has something to chew i don't really care, It's 3 stars because it didnt hold up as well as the ball which is the whole reason i bought it.
My dog is a staffy.
L Reply to on 27 June 2015
My puppies love them when I stuff them full of treats ! These are the only puppy toy they can play with unsupervised. (According to my puppy handbook)
Mikey Mike Eastleigh
Mikey Mike Eastleigh Reply to on 30 January 2016
Well, what can I say. Have used one before. Bought this one is for my older lab-cross of 10 1/2 years old and black one for my little pure breed girls of 2 1/2. Thought they were getting bored and also at my meal times labs can be a pain. So they get about 2/3 their breakfast with the remaining 1/3 goes in the Kong to be put in the freezer. Far healthy than giving other treats at lunchtime and they love it. Seeing them manipulate it with their paws, or how they sometimes drop it to release food, is pleasing for me too. (copied and pasted for the other colour Kong I bought). XL size good for labs.
Mr. S. R. Trusler
Mr. S. R. Trusler Reply to on 17 May 2018
I should have listened to online advice and bought the next size up for my Dalmatian puppy. That said, it's a great product and works to keep them occupied.
I recommend these for crate training and keeping them busy for a few minutes whilst you have a cup of coffee !
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