Viralbuzz Charge, 1L / 350g:Viralbuzz
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Charge, 1L / 350g:Viralbuzz

Ecothrive Published in October 17, 2018, 9:46 pm
 Charge, 1L / 350g:Viralbuzz

Charge, 1L / 350g:Viralbuzz

Price:£8.19+ Free shipping

kev t.
kev t. Reply to on 27 June 2018
Was expected on the 25th. it's the 27th now and its still not arrived.
The product WILL work as is described on the tin. As soon as it arrives..
Postage delay wont stop me from buying this again..
Michael S. Gurvitz
Michael S. Gurvitz Reply to on 20 April 2017
Great product got my plants esp. black goji berry's perked up and unlike non organic conditioner and feeds doesn't destroy the soil like n p k s that use acids to leach out the element. Great product.
James Reply to on 6 July 2016
Seems very good - a lot more than I thought 350g would have been and only minute amounts are needed for an application. Very fine, dusty, powder so it will get to roots very quick when applied to the surface.
Pam Reply to on 3 May 2017
So pleased will be back for more Great stuff
Joshua Crabtree
Joshua Crabtree Reply to on 7 March 2015
This something i will be adding to my regular shopping list now,that should say it all.
Mikes Reply to on 22 June 2018
doubted it at first, but i was wrong, great product, it works.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 5 February 2016
will use it for feeding onions so hope it will do as the pot says arrived in five days good.
Mary M.
Mary M. Reply to on 20 June 2017
still waiting to see the results
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 26 January 2018
Will use again
Mr. A. J. Howe
Mr. A. J. Howe Reply to on 13 April 2015
So far so good.
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