Viralbuzz Surgical Steel Horseshoe Nose Lip Ear Teeth Piercing Hoop Ring Daith Tragus Ring (6mm*1.2mm, Silver):Viralbuzz
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Surgical Steel Horseshoe Nose Lip Ear Teeth Piercing Hoop Ring Daith Tragus Ring (6mm*1.2mm, Silver):Viralbuzz

4youquality Published in October 17, 2018, 9:45 pm
 Surgical Steel Horseshoe Nose Lip Ear Teeth Piercing Hoop Ring Daith Tragus Ring (6mm*1.2mm, Silver):Viralbuzz

Surgical Steel Horseshoe Nose Lip Ear Teeth Piercing Hoop Ring Daith Tragus Ring (6mm*1.2mm, Silver):Viralbuzz

Price:£1.29+ Free shipping

Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 8 March 2017
I never write reviews but I feel like these need one.
I love the way that these look, they're way better than the standard silver studs in my opinion and I'm usually someone who struggles with getting piercing jewellery in properly (screwing on the balls and stuff) but these were no problem at all.
A few reviews on here have said that the paint chips off but I haven't had that problem and I've had mine in for a few days now. I have taken one of them out to check and it's still looking the same.
I will say that for the first couple of days my lip hurt after putting them in but my lips have been very dry and after realising that the paint hasn't chipped off, applying lip seal and washing through a few time with mouthwash, I haven't had a problem. I'm putting the pain down to my dry lips for now because I don't see how these would've caused the pain since there isn't any visable problems.
Hope this helped
Teifi Gruffudd
Teifi Gruffudd Reply to on 1 September 2017
People on here giving it one star because it's small should consider reading the the measurements😂 Absolute idiots! Amazing for the price exactly like the ones you get in the shop that sell for £6>
Char Reply to on 5 May 2017
Tiny. Not for septum. Had a lot of difficulty getting it in my ear however it does look nice... it is sometimes irritated too but I'm allergic to nickle. Tbh the reason why I bought surgical steel but what can you do?!
Would be cute in any ear piercing but it is hard to get it in...
Cazzy78 Reply to on 25 September 2016
Do not buy these horseshoes. I ordered the purple, blue, black and silver. The delivery was fast and cheap but I put the purple one into my tragus 2 days ago and the purple has rubbed off leaving rough edges where the paint has come away from the surgical steel underneath. I've had to change to the silver one and hope this is not the same. Not going to risk trying the blue or the black one!!
K Reply to on 26 February 2018
The balls are that small these are basically no good for ears it took me nearly 2 hours to put 2 balls on they are nightmares. Other than that they turned up in 2 days and everything else was fine.
leah1886 Reply to on 3 December 2016
I ordered this in green. Item arrived well within the time. The ring is ok, ball easy enough to get on and off but the colour is just a coating and came off when worn as a lip ring. Now just a silver one which I can live with. I have only given two stars though as didn't like the fact the coating ended up in my mouth. Would be fine used elsewhere but would possibly end up the same way.
tomer Reply to on 27 August 2016
i usually wear a ring septum rather than a horseshoe but im not allowed my septum in at work so i bought this so i could tuck it up in my nose and it works well! it fits perfect and the metal doesnt irritate my nose xx
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 29 April 2018
Great little ring and great seller, the first one I had wouldn’t in screw, I contacted the seller and they asked if I wanted a new one or refund, I got a new one and glad I did, it looks great in my dieth
CJM Reply to on 26 May 2018
I use this as a helix earring and I think it’s great the ballsarent to small and the rainbow coloured earring is great for anything. The delivery was superb and arrived way before the expected date, I have no difficulties, I only brought this a few days ago and alredy waiting for another colour.
Mrs. Rose
Mrs. Rose Reply to on 4 August 2017
Ordered internal thread but received external. Won't bother sending them back though as they do the job... but would be happier if I'd received what I actually ordered.
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